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Mohammad Razib - Founder of BE: Leather Lab

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

BE: Leather Lab was formed in 2016 as a home-based studio workshop. Its foundation is based on crafting handmade leather products using carefully selected quality leathers, top-grade tools and specialised materials. In this pursuit, it is critical that our products are priced for the quality and workmanship. We avoid the unnecessary cost of frills that are associated with the popular mass-produced product.


Our leather craft workshops were conducted in a cozy and relaxed home environment with the objectives to develop craftsmanship and to create awareness of the quality of leathers. The art of craftsmanship is in the downward spiral because of automation and mass production. We want to provide a platform for handmade crafts to be revived.


By mid 2017, Be: Leather Lab has evolved into a studio workshop hub that centres on creating a variety of hand crafted bespoke products led by home grown artisans. Their passion in the details of crafting is apparent in the conduct of every workshop.


With the studio, BE: Leather Lab has created another platform of creativity. It is ideal for larger group size sessions, corporate team bonding workshops, private events, corporate gifts and the creation of many more bespoke workshops.


In 2018, BE:Leather Lab sole craftsman achieved the Diploma in Fashion Industry-Footwear Design & Product Development at TAFTC, a textile and fashion school. The international instructors from Arsutoria School, Milan leading fashion industry institute, alongside with local instructors, conducted a worthy full-time class. Extending the achievement, BE: Leather Lab craftsman was also trained by Japanese bespoke craftsman and artist; Noriyuki Misawa-shoemaker and Naoki Tsunoo-bag maker. The experience captivated him into the world of Japanese craftsmanship, the affection for artisanal crafts and appreciation in the value of bespoke products.


As we grow, it is critical that we sustain the principles and objectives that were laid in the formative year.


'In Hides We Trust'

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