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Most older conventional stitching groover’s blade didn’t cut well and weren’t treated with rust-proof process so the whole blade part become rusty and you couldn’t use it. The recognition of Stitching groover has been commonly accepted on the market, especially by beginners.

① Our artisan sharpens the blades on a one by one basis and tests them on leather sheets, to make sure that it cuts very well.
We ship the tools, putting oil on to the blades to prevent rust and cover it with a vinyl tube to protect it.

② Tempered whole blade, black coating prevents rust.

③ Using hard material with the central shaft so as not to damage the horizontal hole of the shaft when pushing it with the corner of the blade part when you fix it.

④ Knurling the outer part makes it nonslip when you turn it to fix the blade part. Plating the whole tool prevents rust.

⑤ Engraving “JAPAN” which is the country it is made in.

Stitching Groover

$25.30 Regular Price
$20.24Sale Price

    Free local delivery for purchases above $50. 

    $5 local delivery charge applicable for other purchases. No delivery charge for self-collect or self-arrange.

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