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On conventional tools, the whole tool wasn’t tempered and so the prongs weren’t finished well and so they didn’t cut the leather cleanly. We’ve developed this tool so as to cut the leather perfectly by applying the tempering process carefully as an edged tool.

① The whole tool is tempered, so there’s no deforms and bending.

② The prongs are polished on a one by one basis by hand, so very sharp and there’s no damage on the material due to pull off from it.
We ship this tool with resin to protect the prong tip.

③ A knurling process on the body prevents from slipping.

④ Engraving the width size(mm) and “MADE IN JAPAN” on the edge of the tool.

Thonging Chisels 1Prong

$15.30 Regular Price
$12.24Sale Price

    Free local delivery for purchases above $50. 

    $5 local delivery charge applicable for other purchases. No delivery charge for self-collect or self-arrange.

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